Dusdee Chotipruk, the inspirational life force behind the eye arresting Aow Dusdee hails from beautiful Thailand. Her creations are magnetic and the word ‘alive’ is an understatement. Upon first sight; her work immediately brought a smile to my face. Her pieces embody ornamental celebrations that can be taken with you to inspire love, relaxation and a sense of joyful peace. Her colour patterns are those of joy, love and serenity. Similarly, there is a gush of energy that emanates from both the colour pattern and design – an urge to experience, live, and be. Dusdeemakes each piece by hand, combining macramé, crochet and polymer to create her unique style and line. She has been creating for over ten years, and while she has clearly perfected her craft, she continues to delve, and continually and organically feed and grow her design style. Looking forward to more living color to…

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