A friend gave me an off cut of thick Perspex this week, so I thought I would have another crack at making lentil beads.

A lentil bead is a round flattened bead, with a slight convex surface (like a chocolate minstrel)

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I saw a blog or pinterest page showing someone making them with a plastic CD cover a while back. As I had a CD case( but no Perspex) I had a go but after a few failures attempts,I managed to crack the cd and decided to leave it ’til I had a bit of Perspex.

So with my perspex in hand I checked out a great tutorial at
and had a go.

Basically you take a ball of clay, and roll it between a piece of Perspex and the table in a clock wise circular movement.
The more turns you make the swirlier the pattern becomes. The harder…

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