SapphireSapphire derives its name from the greek word for Blue, though can also be found in many other fancy colours like Yellow, green, purple, colourless (white) and Pink. They are part of the Corundum family of gemstone which include Ruby so the darker more red the pink sapphire becomes the more likely it is to be called a Ruby.

The Blue Sapphires can be found ranging in colour from pale cornflower blue through to very dark blue the optimum colour being a rich Inky blue.

The Sapphire has often been referred to as The stone of Destiny and is reputed to bring serenity and truth to its owner.

The Sapphire is a hard wearing beautiful gemstone and been worn in jewellery for centuries.

Sapphire-AsterismIn rare occasions some Sapphires, (and Rubies), can exhibit a six rayed star pattern when the stone is cut en cabochon. This is known as an…

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