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Shay's Clays

There is a LOT of information out there for anyone interested in the craft of polymer clay. I’m certainly not an expert by anyone’s standards, but I’ll share what I’ve learned over the short time (about 3 1/2 years) I’ve been claying (yes, that’s a word!). Because the only thing better than having the most bestest, funnest (yep, those are words too!) hobby ever, is getting someone else hooked on the most bestest, funnest hobby ever! 😀

All these tips I’ve posted on my facebook page (there is a link over there on the right which will take you to my page), but I thought I’d post them here in 2 parts so that they would be easier to look through. Without further ado…….

Tip 1

Have good tools!

Tip 1

These 5 items I’m pretty sure I’d be lost without. A smooth tile (I got this one at Home Depot for…

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